About Me Diptych

I’m Hannah. Photographer and TV Documentary Producer. I live in Oxford, U.K and when I’m not working I’m spending time with my husband Simon and small one Reuben, working on our garden or rehearsing with Oxford Operatic Society.

My background is as a television documentary producer, and I’ve worked for most of the major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. Over the last 10 years I’ve travelled the world filming everything from biblical archeologists in the deserts of Egypt, ironworkers on top of NYC skyscrapers, to Stephen Hawking revealing the mysteries of the Universe.  Now working out of Oxford, I’ve turned my love of DSLR photography into a business, because whether it’s a moving image or a still one, every picture tells a story.

I’m also a member of the EyeEm community (@smallandblue) and marketplace, and am a contributor through this for Getty Images.

My Photography Style

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, striking but natural images. Whether it’s at an event or a portrait session, I concentrate on being discreet and relaxing clients while I do all the hard work to get the perfect image. I work outdoors a lot, and with natural light as much as possible, as I think it is flattering for subjects, and I love adapting to the time of day, weather, and seasons. The great thing about living in Britain is the variety you see outdoors throughout the year and even on the greyest winter day you can still get amazing results.

My Equipment

My main camera is a Canon 6D, and I switch between a variety of lenses depending on the setting: Canon 24-105mm f4 USM L, Canon 85mm f1.8, Sigma ART 35mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.8. For theatre I use the Canon 70-200mm f2 L lens. I also have a mobile studio equipped with flash, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors.

My Editing Style

In these days of Instagram and selfie airbrushing apps, it’s easy to get a heavily filtered, ‘photoshopped’ look on practically any photograph taken on a mobile. Therefore I’m finding myself moving away from heavy filters and back into a more natural world. What high-end DSLRs give you that mobiles can’t is that amazing dynamic range, detail and depth of field, and I preserve all these things in my editing. I edit in the professional suite Adobe Lightroom, and every one of my images is given a treatment with a custom-designed ‘preset’, meaning the image style you get is unique to Hannah Veale Photography.