Drawing on my background in TV and film production, I create viral and marketing videos for professional and non-professional theatre companies, who are now looking to social media as a hugely effective marketing platform for getting the word out about their shows.

A video can be only a few minutes long, but when uploaded to sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then shared via Facebook or Twitter, it can generate thousands of views over just a few days. By encouraging your cast to share the video to friends and family, and by promoting the video through your other electronic communications, you can reach a huge potential audience who may not have seen your posters or printed materials.

With 25 years experience in theatre, both on-stage and behind the scenes, I like to think that I know my way around most popular works, and I understand what sells theatre most effectively in today’s hugely competitive market. In these lean times, audiences want to know what they can expect before they part with their money, and a video can do this in a way that printed material can’t. It can convey anything you want – the story, the production values, the work behind the scenes, even just the ‘essence’ of the piece. It can be abstract, or literal, with rehearsal footage and interviews, or a short film with actors in costume. Production teams can be heavily involved or just leave me to get on with it!

If you’re considering using video in your marketing for your next production, please use the form below to ask me how I can help! I can work with most budgets and will be happy to discuss with production managers what can be achieved.

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