BLOG POST: Breaking the rules

I haven’t blogged for a while, but there’s a very good reason for that (more on that later). However last weekend I got the chance to go for a stroll from our new house in Oxford along the river Isis to the fab Isis Farmhouse pub on the towpath. It must be one of only a handful of pubs in the country that you can only walk to, not drive! See Images

BLOG POST: Oxford Operatic Society presents ‘Sunset Boulevard’

At the weekend I headed down to the Oxford Playhouse to photograph the dress rehearsal of Oxford Operatic Society’s latest production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard. Everyone in the cast and crew have put their heart and soul into this show and the result is a treat for the eyes and ears. SEE IMAGES- >

BLOG POST: Family shoot in Wolvercote Orchard, Oxford

It was wonderful to spend a couple of hours with this young family a couple of Saturdays ago. They approached me and asked if I would be able to mark their son’s approaching first birthday with a family shoot, with the aim of giving the final printed images as Christmas presents. With the turning of the seasons the orchard was the perfect place for colour and a variety of backdrops and we had fun playing with the fallen apples, including trying some as well! SEE IMAGES

BLOG POST: Wolvercote Apple Day

I live in a Wolvercote, a small village just north of Oxford City Centre. This village and its surroundings, in my opinion, is at its absolute best in early autumn. From the bountiful harvests of fruit and veg on the allotments in Port Meadow, to the horse chestnut trees along the main roads displaying their last fiery glory before their leaves disappear, every corner has a photo opportunity. This weekend the village had its annual Apple Day, where anyone with 50p and a taste for amazing local fruit can rock up, grab a basket and pick their own from an amazing variety of apples that’s been established in the community orchard. Add to that the musical stylings of a funky street band Horns of Plenty, challenges such ‘the longest apple peel’, apple pressing, conker games and beautiful warm weather and you have the perfect recipe for a fun family afternoon. SEE IMAGES

BLOG POST: Chloe’s Christening and First Birthday

Chloe’s mum Carly got in touch with me a couple of months ago after discovering some of my photography on Facebook, and booked me to document her daughter Chloe’s christening and first birthday party. The ceremony was in a lovely little church on a private estate just west of Bicester and with a party in a nearby pub. Despite a slightly soggy episode at the font, Chloe was thoroughly the centre of attention all day and looked like she was having a blast! It was great to be part of this special day of her early life. SEE IMAGES

BLOG POST: Beth and Jesper’s Wedding Reception Garden Party

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take the official photos at the wedding reception of a great friend from my university days. Beth and Jesper eloped to St Lucia a couple of months ago and we were all surprised and impressed when they announced it on Facebook on their 5 year anniversary! To celebrate with friends and family at home, they hired Bedford Square Gardens in London for a garden party, complete with marquee, outdoor games and an amazing afternoon tea, speeches, and an official ‘changing of the Facebook names’ to seal the deal. Congratulations Beth and Jesper! x SEE IMAGES


In April, Rachel and I headed off with Mum to Berlin for a long weekend to celebrate her 60th. Mum, like me, spent a year living in Germany in the 1970s and visited Berlin with some friends during that year. She hasn’t been back since, and of course, since then, reunification happened! She’s still got the photos from that trip and so, for a bit of fun, I thought we’d try and visit the exact spots where she took them and line up the old photos so they’d be framed by their modern surroundings. SEE IMAGES