The Hodgson Family Shoot

At the height of the great British summer (and we’ve been waiting a while for that to appear!) what better than going for a walk amongst the tall grass and looking for wildflowers? That’s just what Susanne and Mark did last Sunday with their two boys and I was lucky enough to join them to share in their fun family afternoon. 

IMG_4135-Edit IMG_4137-Edit IMG_4142-Edit IMG_4146-Edit IMG_4147-Edit IMG_4165-Edit IMG_4162-2 IMG_4175-2 IMG_4180-2 IMG_4188-2 IMG_4248-2 IMG_4224-2 IMG_4243-2 IMG_4231-2 IMG_4198-3 IMG_4208-2 IMG_4185-Edit IMG_4259-Edit IMG_4278-2 IMG_4275-Edit IMG_4310-2 IMG_4287-2 IMG_4318-4 IMG_4318-3 IMG_4286-2 IMG_4302-2


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