BLOG POST: Breaking the rules

I haven’t blogged for a while, but there’s a very good reason for that (more on that later). However last weekend I got the chance to go for a stroll from our new house in Oxford along the river Isis to the fab Isis Farmhouse pub on the towpath. It must be one of only a handful of pubs in the country that you can only walk to, not drive!

The weather was great – a real sense of Spring in the air. Although only a relatively short trip, I wondered how I might capture the walk in a way that would produce landscape photos with a difference, so I challenged myself to ‘break the rule of thirds’. One of the first golden rules that you learn about good composition, sometimes I think we can become a slave to these rules when there can actually be something more interesting to produce. So, here are my ‘rule-breaking’ images. Only a handful, but a fun exercise.


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