BLOG POST: Oxford Operatic Society presents ‘Sunset Boulevard’

At the weekend I headed down to the Oxford Playhouse to photograph the dress rehearsal of Oxford Operatic Society’s latest production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard. Everyone in the cast and crew have put their heart and soul into this show and the result is a treat for the eyes and ears.

One of the challenges of theatre photography is in capturing the experience of an audience member in images only, which of course is only a small constituent of a stage musical. I’d not seen the show before, however knowing the plot of the show and the musical numbers is really crucial in understanding which expressions of the characters needed to shine out in my photography, so a little research and Spotify listening was in order! I also felt the intensity of the performances was really helped by the minimalist set and classy costumes.

If you can make it, I thoroughly recommend heading down to the Playhouse to see the show, which runs until Saturday 14th November

For the cast and crew, downloadable images and CDs of the full set will be available very soon!

IMG_0011 IMG_9756 IMG_0031 IMG_9945
IMG_0043 IMG_0215 IMG_0135 IMG_0034 IMG_0219 IMG_0170 IMG_0188 IMG_0271 IMG_0278 IMG_0371 IMG_0421 IMG_0434 IMG_0511 IMG_0588 IMG_0598 IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0605 IMG_0676
IMG_0782 IMG_9935 IMG_9891

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