BLOG POST: Chloe’s Christening and First Birthday

Chloe’s mum Carly got in touch with me a couple of months ago after discovering some of my photography on Facebook, and booked me to document her daughter Chloe’s christening and first birthday party. The ceremony was in a lovely little church on a private estate just west of Bicester and with a party in a nearby pub. Despite a slightly soggy episode at the font, Chloe was thoroughly the centre of attention all day and looked like she was having a blast! It was great to be part of this special day of her early life.


IMG_8247 IMG_8257 IMG_8260 IMG_8268 IMG_8272 IMG_8285 IMG_8300 IMG_8302 IMG_8306IMG_8333

IMG_8335 IMG_8338 IMG_8357 IMG_8368 IMG_8378 IMG_8399 IMG_8402 IMG_8405 IMG_8413

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