In April, Rachel and I headed off with Mum to Berlin for a long weekend to celebrate her 60th. Mum, like me, spent a year living in Germany in the 1970s and visited Berlin with some friends during that year. She hasn’t been back since, and of course, since then, reunification happened! She’s still got the photos from that trip and so, for a bit of fun, I thought we’d try and visit the exact spots where she took them and line up the old photos so they’d be framed by their modern surroundings.

I can’t think of a better place to try this than Berlin, as it’s changed so much, and seems to still be constantly changing. I always enjoy visiting, and I’m heading back there in a couple of weeks with work!

IMG_6361 IMG_6271-Edit IMG_6378-Edit IMG_6256 IMG_6294 IMG_6243-Edit IMG_6246 IMG_6231 IMG_6238 IMG_6236 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6252 IMG_6219 IMG_6217 IMG_6422 IMG_6416 IMG_6371 IMG_6357 IMG_6333 IMG_6328 IMG_6314 IMG_6321 IMG_6309 IMG_6390 IMG_6393 IMG_6403 IMG_6407 IMG_6392 IMG_6412 IMG_6400 IMG_6299 IMG_6281 IMG_6288 IMG_6282 IMG_6228

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