LUCAS MCLAUGHLIN: 10 TREES Photography exhibition

Something slightly different today. While I clear a backlog of editing from recent trips to both Berlin and Torbay, here’s a plug for a photography show by a good friend and fellow photographer Luke McLaughlin.


Luke’s current show, hosted at the Quarter Horse Coffee Shop on Cowley Road, Oxford, is entitled 10 Trees, and is a series of multiple exposure prints, all composed in-camera. Although many of them are shot in urban settings, it is the trees which dominate, and they give a refreshingly new and abstract sense of place to some of the most recognisable locations in the world such as Oxford and Paris.

“ With a multiple exposure what you get is less of a literal image as we see things with our eyes but similar to how I remember things. If you look at a different place in an image you can add detail as your memory fills it in”.

In October last year, Luke and I shot the video below on St. Giles in Oxford in which he describes the origins of the project and the process.

The show runs until the 6th of June. In addition to the framed and un-framed prints available from the Quarter Horse Coffee shop, all of the prints are available to buy in each size at

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