Happy World Photo Day!

Happy World Photo Day everyone! Having a ‘day’ for something you’re passionate about has made me reflect on why I got into photography. And I think it’s this photo.

Nat, Hol, Laura on the pier-2 A spontaneous image of three great friends, taken in 1998 on a balmy summer’s evening in Torquay where we grew up. It’s technically not a good photograph – the figures are blurry and their feet are cut off as they were running towards me and I was walking backwards. But when I compare it to all the other pictures in that album, it’s the only unposed photo in the whole set, and therefore it’s the most real.

The picture seems to sum up my early teenage years – fun, carefree, innocent, in a Devon seaside resort town. Time and time again I tried to recreate that picture in other settings with the same friends, but it never worked. Since then, I have always strived for authenticity in my photography. This doesn’t mean that the images can’t be beautiful, considered and well composed, but that they reflect true emotions, character and personalities, and this is now at the heart of what I do professionally.

(and I hope the friends mentioned don’t mind me sharing their teenage selves with the world!)

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